Power Book II: When does the third season of Ghost start?

Are we about to find out when Power Book II: Ghost season 3 will start? If so, it might be this weekend. You could say that it makes some sense on paper. 

How so? Now think about it this way. Power Book III: Raising Kanan just finished its most recent season, so fans are naturally excited to see what comes next in the franchise. Starz has also kept us waiting for a LONG time. 

Last year at this time, we knew a fair amount about Ghost before the start of season 2, which was in late November. At this point, there is almost no chance that season 3 will start. Heck, the chances of it coming out in 2022 aren't that good at all. 

In the end, we're pretty sad to say that we don't think we'll hear anything about Ghost this weekend, even though Starz hasn't said anything about the show's future. We're just too far away right now. We think the new season could start any time between late December and March, but we think it's more likely to start in March at this point. 

At the very least, it seems unlikely that it will come back before the second season of BMF, which has already been announced and is set to start in January. Why would the network announce that another show is coming out before this one? The timing just doesn't make sense. 

We just want to say that we think Power Book II: Ghost was worth the wait. Between what happened to Mecca and the shocking death of Zeke Cross, this seems like a pretty crazy time in Tariq St. Patrick's life. To think that so much of it has already been crazy... 

Do you think we'll hear more about when the third season of Power Book II: Ghost will start this weekend? 

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