Simone Ashley Says Season 3 of Bridgerton Will Be "Super Steamy"

Simone Ashley teased fans before the third season of Bridgerton by saying that the next chapter will be even sexier than the last. Here, you can read what she had to say. 

Simone Ashley told E! News at Time100's Next Gala that the next episode of Bridgerton will be "super steamy" and "condensation central." She was talking about the upcoming third season of the show. 

The love story between Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) is the focus of season three, not her character Kate Sharma's relationship with Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) (Luke Newton). But don't worry. People will still be happy to see Kanthony get better. 

Ashley said, "When I'm reading the scripts, I'm very happy." "When I get them, I have a huge grin on my face." 

As for Colin and Penelope's story of becoming lovers, Ashley wouldn't say much about the plot, but she did say that the season was about "Polin, love, and new beginnings." 

Fans were surprised when Coughlan said in May that the show would instead focus on the most popular couple for her character, since the books on which the series is based hinted that Benedict Bridgerton's time to shine was coming up. 

But Shonda Rhimes's show has been hinting at a romance between Colin and Penelope since season one. 

But Coughlan told E! News exclusively that in order for the two to get together, Penelope needs to learn "to put value in herself." This is especially important now that she knows Colin only sees her as a friend. 

"She thinks Colin is perfect and puts him on a pedestal," she said. "He isn't. He's just another person. So she should stop thinking that he's perfect and love herself more." 

No date has been set for when season three of Bridgerton will start, but you can watch seasons one and two on Netflix in the meantime.


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