Talks about when Cobra Kai season 6 will start, hopes for season 7!

There are a lot of things to talk about right now about the long-term future of Cobra Kai on Netflix. 

First of all, let's remind you that season 6 hasn't been confirmed yet, which doesn't really cause a lot of controversy. We just think Netflix is taking their time because there's nothing to worry about. After all, the show's writers have been busy with something else lately. We do think that the show will be renewed, but the premiere could be more than a year away or even longer, depending on when filming starts up again. 

So, even though we are excited about what's to come, there is an unavoidable question that hangs over us: Are we about to start the last season? Or, could there be a seventh season? Ralph Macchio told Uproxx in a new interview that he definitely thinks there's room for more stories: 

Even though Season 6 hasn't come out yet, I think we're pretty sure of ourselves. There are rumors, but we haven't heard anything official, so we keep hoping people are watching the show. They've set up the part that involves other countries, and they've put the master Kim in Korea. They set up Kreese and also made it seem like everything is back to normal and they've finally done it. But in a soap opera, like Cobra Kai, which is a karate soap opera, there are always more doors that open when one door closes. There's definitely room for that, and bringing it in for a proper landing, whenever that is, whether it's Season 6 or 7, we don't want to overstay our welcome, but we do want it to feel right, so let's hope we get the chance.

If season 6 IS the last season, for whatever reason, all we can hope for is that the streaming service will tell us pretty soon. We all deserve an ending to this story, especially since it's been going on for decades and is part of a long-running franchise. 

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What do you want to see most in season 6 of Cobra Kai? 

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