The Sandman has a subtle link to the DCEU You could have missed out on

Neil Gaiman has been asked by fans for a long time how The Sandman fits into the DCEU. And the writer in 2020 said, "We'll have to wait and see." So, we've all been waiting, but how many of us have seen? 

There are some connections between the new Netflix show and the rest of the DC universe, but they're pretty subtle and easy to miss if you're not paying close attention. 

The most important example of these larger connections is at the start of episode 8. Jed Walker, Rose's brother, is being held in a fantasy world full of superheroes. I mean, he's not, but he definitely thinks he is. 

Now, there are a few old DC action figures in the room where the nightmare that looks like Jed's mom is. They're not easy to see, but they're there in the background. 

You can see Wonder Woman, The Flash, and two Batman figures if you look closely. Ok, so it might not be the cameo you were hoping for. You could even say that it doesn't have much to do with those characters. Still, it's a nice little reminder that Sandman's history is deeply rooted in DC. 

And these heroes aren't the only ones who show up in this nightmare. 

Each monitor in the room is like a roulette wheel that Jed's "mom" spins to decide which enemy he should fight next. 

Some fans might remember Captain Cold from the show Legends of Tomorrow. But they also talk about other things. At one point, Jed even asks, "Who is it this time among my enemies? Johnny Sadness? Who is the ghost at the fair? Or has Doctor Death come back?" 

And this shows another way that The Sandman has left a mark on the DCEU. The whole idea of nightmares comes from the original Sandman, which was written in the Golden Age. 

His real name back then was Wesley Dodds. As The Sandman, he would calm down criminals in a kind way by putting on a green suit, a fedora, and a gas mask. Since then, he has changed into many different things, including the Morpheus character. 

So, The Sandman has been around for a long time. And there's no question that he's a big part of DC canon. So it's fine for there to be a few small connections throughout the series that remind us of the historical connection. All you need to do is 'keep 'em peeled'!


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