These are pictures of the 16-year-old girl who got a Benz on her birthday.

After getting a brand-new Mercedes Benz for her 16th birthday, a young Ghanaian girl has quickly become a hit on the internet. 

Videos from the event that were shared on social media showed a classic example of a rich kid having a great time. 

Many people on social media sent well wishes to the pretty plus-size girl who won their hearts with her dance moves and elegant outfits for the event. 

If she got a Benz for her 16th birthday, you could only imagine what she'd get for her 18th. 

Based on what we found out, the 16-year-old girl is a fashion icon and style influencer. 

She goes to a private senior high school in Accra. Even though she comes from a wealthy family, she likes to stay out of the spotlight. 

Here are some of the most popular pictures of Saud from the past 48 hours. 

Saud won the best lottery in life, which is the "Ovarian letter." Being born into a wealthy family is like winning the lottery. 

Only a small number of people get to do this. May God bless our DIY projects so that our kids can also live like the rich and famous.


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