Two armed robbers got 40 years in prison for stealing from a MoMo agent at Kasoa.

Two Nigerians who robbed a mobile money vendor in broad daylight at Kasoa New Market Junction in the Central Region were sentenced to 40 years in prison by the Kasoa Ofaakor Circuit Court.

On Tuesday, May 17, 2022, someone stole something. The armed thieves who are now in jail are said to have stolen a total of GH11,800.

Bright Okwara and Ferdinand Obi, the two thieves, did this after the victim took the money out of a bank in Kasoa.

Detective Sargent Addai Boamah, who was in charge of the case until the court made its final decision, told the court that these two Nigerians were following the victim around on motorbikes after he took the money out of the bank.

Most Christians on the internet are angry with evangelist Suro Nyame after a new video of him preaching the word of God to Shatta Wale's hit song "Ayoo" went viral.

In this video that has been called "blasphemy," Evangelist Suro Nyame is seen singing Shatta Wale's hit song "Ayoo" with a lot of energy while giving a sermon.

Detective Boamah also said that the suspects followed the victim from Kasoa New Market to Market Junction, where they robbed him.

He said that the suspects were able to steal from the victim, but that he chased them on his motorcycle and crashed into them, which led to their arrest.

They were held in remand for 5 months before His Lordship Ebenezer Osei sentenced them to 40 years in prison this morning.

The fact that Evangelist Suro Nyame sang the song's lyrics word for word shows that he is a true fan of the dancehall maestro.

Christians on the internet have told Evangelist Suro Nyame to stop making fun of God by playing secular music in the middle of his sermons. Since darkness and light have nothing in common, this is a silly thing to do.

Some have even said that he's a fake man of God looking for attention, which is why he usually plays secular songs while preaching about God.

To find out more, watch the video below...


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