Virgin River's Martin Henderson hints 'big day' for Jack and Mel in rare filming update

Fans of the popular Netflix romantic drama Virgin River can't wait for the fifth season to come out, so star Martin Henderson gave fans a rare look behind the scenes. 

Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge are hard at work on the set of Virgin River, where the fifth season of the popular small-town romance show is being filmed. During the time between episodes of the hit Netflix show, the main characters have been giving fans sneak peeks of the set on Instagram. 

Jack Sheridan star Martin confirmed he had a “big day” on the set of Virgin River this week. 

The fifth season of Netflix's popular romantic drama is currently being filmed, and new episodes should be out next year. 

In the meantime, both Martin and Alexandra have been posting on social media about their favorite moments on set. 

Martin said in his most recent Instagram Story that his co-star was taking a well-deserved break while he got ready for the day. 

He told his 1.1 million followers, "It's Monday morning and I'm at work." 

"I'm in a forest. Alex just got there and is now sitting in her car. 

"Not me. I'm out here enjoying the weather." Getting into character, getting a sense of the place, and all that." 

Over the past four seasons of Virgin River, a show that has quickly become one of Netflix's most popular romances, a New Zealand actor has played Jack, an ex-Marine and bar owner. 

The streaming show is based on the books by Robyn Carr, and its popularity led to the addition of a fourth and fifth season in September of last year. 

After shocking things happened in season four, like when Jack and Mel got engaged and when Charmaine Roberts (played by Lauren Hammersley) said something shocking, the cast got back together in July. 

Filming is expected to end in November, but Martin and Alexandra still have some big scenes to finish before they can take a break. 

"[Alex] is preparing. It's a big day on set, a big day," Martin went on. 

Martin said hello to Todd, who worked in the props department, and then turned his camera around to get a better look at the set. 

He showed fans some filming gear, such as a camera dolly, and then everyone laughed very hard.

Martin made a joke, "They're having way too much fun." “It’s very serious on the set. 

Martin's confirmation that the cast has a big day ahead could mean that Jack and Mel are about to film some dramatic scenes. 

Unfortunately, the star's Instagram video didn't give us much information. 

Fans are still hoping for the central couple’s wedding to take place in the near future, but the cast’s updates haven’t provided any clues this will actually happen in season five. 

Netflix hasn't said for sure that Virgin River will have a sixth season, but fans are hoping that the fifth season won't be the last time they see their favorite small town. 

Netflix has all four seasons of Virgin River, which you can stream.


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