Will Simon come back in Bridgerton's third season? What Regé-Jean Page says is as follows:

The Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, was one of the most popular characters on the Regency-era drama Bridgerton. He was the handsome and charming Duke of Hastings. 

When we found out that he had a terrible start in life and that his father was cold and cared more about titles than his only child, it made us like him even more. 

Even though this is mostly a romantic series, we could understand why Simon was so stubborn about not wanting to get married or have kids. He didn't want to break the promise he made to his father before the old man died. That he would be the last Basset. 

Enter Daphne Bridgerton. At first, it seemed like Simon would keep his promise. But fate dealt them a new set of cards that led to them getting married and Daphne having their son, Augie. 

The relationship between Simon and Daphne was far from perfect, and they had their fair share of problems and drama along the way. But it was clear that they got along well, and fans were excited to see more of them in Season Two. 

Simon was noticeably missing from the second season, and only Daphne and Augie came back. When Daphne shows up, with or without her son, the person is said to be "at home." Since Simon's character is still alive and the show doesn't seem to have written him out, fans have been hoping out loud that we might see him again in the upcoming third season. 

Regé-Jean Page, who played Simon, has confirmed that he will not be back. The official reason

has been that he only signed up for one season because he thought the show would only run for a short time. That he never planned to be on the show after Season 1. The rumors that he didn't come back because he didn't like what the writers had planned for his character are true. But they are still just rumors with no proof to back them up. While posting a picture on Instagram with another Bridgerton actor, Jonathan Bailey, the actor said: 

"No, I'm not going back to the show, by the way. That story was made up by the papers. But we had the best and most stylish catch-up I've had in a while over some really good Italian coffee and sunshine." 

In this case, it looks like the right answer is the simplest one. Page only agreed to do one season, so he only did one season of filming and is now working on other things. It's not clear how Season 3 will deal with Simon's continued absence. Whether he will stay "at home" or have something else happen to him. 

What is clear is that whatever Simon Basset's future holds, it will happen completely off-screen and without Page. Fans aren't sure how they feel about this, and only time will tell what Simon's future holds.

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