A long list of all of Hajia4Real's expensive cars.

Ghanaian socialite Mona Montrage, also known as Hajia4Real, has been trending on the internet since last Friday, when news spread that she had been arrested and detained in the UK for allegedly being involved in a $8 million USD fraud in the US. 

Before she started making music about a year ago, she was known on the internet as a big-time boss chick who lived a lavish life online. 

Most of the videos she posts on her social media pages show what she does outside of social media, so it's easy to see that Hajia4Real really was living like a celebrity. 

She shopped at name-brand stores and paid cash for all of the things she bought, which added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

The socialite also took trips to most Caribbean countries to cool off and relax. 

Before she was caught for allegedly being involved in fraud, a lot of people on social media often wondered where she got her money, since she had no known business or job other than calling herself a "brand influencer." 

People usually told these curious people to shut up and mind their own business. They were often seen as bitter and jealous, but now they're the ones who are getting the last laugh. 

Hajia4Real is known to love cars, and not just any cars, but classy and expensive ones like Mercedes, Porsche, and other well-known top brands. 

In this article, we'll talk about the singer's expensive garage. 

First of all, Hajia4Real has a Porsche Coupe that costs about $110,200.

She also has a Range Rover, which was a gift on her 28th birthday from an unknown person. 

About two months ago, she showed off her brand-new Rolls Royce by taking pictures of herself in it and posting them on the internet. 

After showing off her Rolls Royce, she posted a new video to her Instagram page. In it, she sat on top of her blue G-Wagon Brabus luxury car while her new song with Fancy Gadam played in the background. 

Google searches show that the 2019 Brabus G Wagon owned by Hajia4Real is worth about $240,000, which is the same as Ghc 2,489,843.16. 

She bought a Mercedes Benz Maybach as her last car before she was arrested.

Watch The Video Below: 

Source: Ghpage.com

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