Alexandra Breckenridge just confirmed that filming for the 5th season of "Virgin River" is done


Fans of Virgin River, try not to get up and dance. Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Melinda "Mel" Monroe, told us in a new Instagram Story that the fifth season of the hit Netflix drama is almost done being filmed.

Early on November 19, Breckenridge posted a picture of a painting to her Story. The painting showed a woman surrounded by bags. The 40-year-old actress wrote on top of the photo, "This is a real photo of me leaving Vancouver after 5 months of filming." Along with the picture, the lead singer of Virgin River also added a short clip of Stevie Wonder's song "Isn't She Lovely."

Antonio Mancini's Adieu Paris (The Customs) is the painting that Breckenridge showed him. The National Gallery in London, where the painting is now, says that it shows "an elegant but melancholy young woman who is getting ready to leave Paris.

 She is surrounded by trunks and other travel gear." Customs officials might come soon to look at her things." After being on set for almost half a year, we can see why Breckenridge will have so much stuff to carry. But we're glad to hear that she's done filming because it probably means that the rest of season 5 is almost over.

Breckenridge has been teasing fans for months with sneak peeks of the set. For example, at the end of October, she posted a video to Instagram in which she and her co-star Martin Henderson (Jack Sheridan) did the popular tortilla challenge.

 Henderson has also been posting a lot of behind-the-scenes photos to his own Instagram account, like the one below, which he took with co-star Benjamin Hollingsworth (Dan Brady) and captioned, "What on earth would these two be doing? Big day of filming in the Canadian woods. 

#virginriver #jacksheridan #badboybrady." Breckenridge told New Beauty earlier this fall, "This season, we got to start earlier than we usually do." So, let's hope that we'll get these new episodes as soon as possible. "Keeping my fingers crossed"


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