At the Climate Conference, a man from GH confronts government officials with a picture indicating polluted water bodies.

At the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, a man from Ghana caused a scene (COP27). 

He talked to the Ghanaian officials who were there and accused them of destroying water sources back home while they were on their way to a conference on climate change. 

He went around the Agriculture Minister and other government officials with a sign that showed how polluted several bodies of water in Ghana were. 

He sang songs to get people's attention and get the international media to cover his message. 

The Agriculture Minister had to tell him to pay attention to the stage and stop making the government delegation look bad. 

The man kept talking about the effects of galamsey on water bodies and how the Ghanaian government hasn't done much to fix the problem.


The person who did it, Gideon Commey, explained why he did it in a letter: 

The Minister of Food and Agriculture didn't like me, but I got my point across: President 

@NAkufoAddo and government officials have no place at a climate summit when they are in charge of galamsey, a practice that destroys forests and waterways (illegal mining).


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