CCTV footage purports to show a woman stealing a two-week-old child from a government hospital.

At the Abura Dunkwa Government Hospital in the Central Region, a two-week-old baby boy was reportedly taken from his mother that morning. According to the father of the child, the incident took place at the medical center where the mother had previously sought treatment.

The suspect, according to Mr. Ebenezer Mensah, was a total stranger who offered to assist his wife Monica Turkson in carrying the infant to the hospital.

He claimed that after they got to the hospital, the "good Samaritan" left with the infant.

He described the story and said that following the birth, he had sent his wife from Abura Adumfa to Abura Tuakwa to remain with her mother.

He stated that she brings the infant and her mother with her to the hospital.

So, on Friday morning, I called her to ask if her mother could take her to the hospital or if I should send someone to assist.

She assured me that her mother would send her, so I decided not to bother. I received a call asking me to visit the hospital later in the afternoon, but when I arrived, I learned that my son had been taken. Mr. Mensah bemoaned, "I'm quite depressed right now, and I don't know what to do.

The distressed father went on to say that he later discovered his mother-in-law was not the one who accompanied his wife to the hospital, but rather a stranger.

"After I pressed my wife for the truth, she admitted that a different woman—not her mother—had driven her to the hospital. She initially claimed to know the woman and to be friends with her, but that was a lie. She is unfamiliar with the woman.

Before they realized it, the woman who was holding the infant at the hospital had left with it.

Meanwhile, CCTV footage of the suspect leaving the hospital carrying the child has gone viral on social media.


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