Cole Hauser from Yellowstone says that Season 5 will not be the end of the Duttons' story.

The Dutton family won't be gone after Season 5 of Yellowstone. "It's not the last season," 47-year-old actor Cole Hauser told PEOPLE at the Yellowstone premiere in New York City on Thursday. 

An executive confirmed that co-creator Taylor Sheridan was not there because he was busy writing the next season of the hit show.

Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, Kelsey Asbille, and Gil Birmingham were also there to celebrate the show's latest episode at the Walter Reade Theater. During the party, Hauser said that Sheridan sent the actors to "cowboy boot camp" to get ready for the new season, which premieres on Nov. 13 on the Paramount Network.

Hauser says, "He taught me the rules for cutting, roping, and reining." "Every year we go, it's pretty much the same, like a cowboy boot camp. So he is very sure that he wants everyone to be able to do what we did. This year, a lot of the actors are doing a lot of their own stunts, which is really cool. It's like Phil took the chains off and let us go. CBS called this show the "most-watched scripted series in all of television" in 2021. The fifth season will pick up where the fourth season left off.

A trailer that came out at the end of October shows that Kevin Costner will play John Dutton, the new governor of the state. His daughter Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly, will be named his chief of staff.

Hauser told PEOPLE that his character Rip Wheeler doesn't change too much this season, and neither does the relationship between Rip and Beth.

"Taylor did a great job of making sure our relationship didn't change too much. "I'm still there for her," he tells PEOPLE. "There's a lot that goes back into the past and shows us in our younger years with the younger actors who are great, but Rip is still the rock that he's always been for her." Hauser also says that the characters are "imperfect people," and he says that he doesn't know why people like them so much, he just knows that they do.

"I know there's a lot of great talent on the show, and that goes all the way down to the crew, the directors, and Taylor's writing," he says. "Everyone really wants to make the best thing they can." "When that happens, you usually have some... No one would have thought it would do what it does, of course." Since it came out in June 2018, Yellowstone has inspired several spin-offs. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill star in the prequel 1883, and Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford will be in the upcoming prequel 1923. In February 2021, a new spin-off show called 6666 was announced.

Costner talked to PEOPLE in March about how successful the series has been since it started airing in June 2018. He said that what "makes the show so successful" is how it builds its world and develops its characters.

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He said, "I've always thought that a good Western isn't just a race to the gunfight." "I think it could be a great movie or TV show if you can make up words and situations and then end up in a gunfight. But I think it's a problem if you try to get there so quickly that you don't understand the people or it's not hard."

On November 13, Season 5 of Yellowstone will start on the Paramount Network.


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