Daniel Sunjata talks about how Courtney Kemp called him personally and asked him to be the GOAT of Global Snitching in the world

This week's episode of the Crew Has it with Gianni Paolo and Michael Rainey Jr. Daniel Sunjata, who played Mecca/Dante Spears on the second season of Power Book II: Ghost, was hired. 

During the conversation, Sunjata talked about how Michael Rainey Jr., who plays Tariq St. Patrick, offered him the role of the G.O.A.T. of global snitching. 

"I have to say right away that getting on your show was weird. My father had just died, and I was coming off of a time in my career that wasn't the best. You have to drive for five hours to get to upstate New York, where you can stay with my sister for a while while you wait for something to happen. When my dad died, we had to get his things out of his house, and while we were doing that, we took three-day trips more than once. 

During one of them, my people call me and act like Courtney Kemp and Starz. I said, "Get out of here, and don't come back." Ghost? "They were like, "Yeah, she heard, and basically what she told us was, 'How would Daniel like to play a mother**** of a role that would change him?'" Sunjata said. 

"So, I talk to Courtney on the phone... The offer call is crazy, but first, I need to talk to Courtney about ideas. So, I was like, "Wow," because none of this had happened to me before. She said, "Yeah, Daniel, I've been thinking about you from the start." I want someone like you to play this part. What would you think if you played it? First of all, I thought, "Yes, but what's the bad part for me?" But it was a big deal for me, man. I really enjoyed being on your show. A little further back, I really liked the Original Power mothership show. 

Sunjata said that he had seen Omari Hardwick around Los Angeles a lot and wondered how he knew his name. 

"All right, I was on this show. I broke my foot, so I'm sitting on my couch for about eight weeks in a cast that doesn't let me put any weight on it. I'm just watching Apple TV. I'm bored and sitting there watching the World Cup when I see a face I recognize. It's Omari's. So, in the past, when I lived in Los Angeles. "Omar would run into me out of the blue," Sunjata said. 

"We ran into each other in places like restaurants and clubs. He would always come up to me and say, "Daniel." I was like, "How do you even know my name?" I remember him from that, and he was always a good guy. So, man, to be happy for him that this is happening, I was like, man, let me check out the show as soon as it started. This is a large, wealthy city. I thought, "This stuff looks so sexy and then it's so gangster." Then I thought, "Oh my god, I wish I could be on a show like that." After four, or maybe five, six, or seven years, I'm an actor, which is why I can't do math. Yeah, getting this call is crazy." 

Daniel Sunjata will not be back next season because the mother of his son Zeke Cross, Monet Tejada, killed his character in his penthouse after his cover was blown. He was going to call DEA agent Blanca Rodriguez, but it was a little too late.

Source: landonbuford.com

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