Four people were killed when they tried to kill the Aowin chief.

Four people were killed in a crossfire after Beyeeman Tano Kwan Benbuin II, the Paramount Chief of Aowin Traditional Area, was tried to be killed. 

According to a report by 3News, the four people, one of whom has been given the nickname "Skipper," surrounded the palace of the Paramount Chief early on Sunday, November 6, in an attempt to kill him.

The four didn't have any luck, though, because palace guards saw them on CCTV footage and caught them. The guards at the palace and the four attackers then got into a shootout.

"A woman got caught in the middle of the fighting and was shot. A source told Connect FM that she is getting treatment at the Enchi Government Hospital right now. The four people's bodies were found on the street earlier. Since then, the police have taken the bodies to the morgue at Enchi Government Hospital.

It is said that the palace guards had the upper hand and were able to shoot the four dead.

A lot of security has been put around the Palace. The source told us, "As we talk, I can see more than six heavily armed policemen guarding the palace."

"From Sefwi Wiawso, the Western Region Police Commander, the Regional Crime Officer, and other high-ranking police officers have come to the town and taken over the case. 

They've already gone to the scene of the crime to see what's going on. They are going to talk to the Paramount Chief again, but he and his elders have already given their first statements. In fact, I've heard that they are the ones who are upset." Still, no one knows why the four young men who died tried to kill the president.

Sources in the community have said, however, that the attempt could be related to a chieftaincy dispute between the Omanhen and a rival group that has been going on since 2019.

People worry that the Palace and the people who live there could be attacked in return.

But has heard from a reliable source that the Ghana Police Service is putting more people at Enchi to stop any threats like this.


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