"I can't respect stu.pïdity," Michael Rainey Jr. says about Starz.

Michael Rainey Jr., star of Starz's wildly popular Power series, took to social media to criticize the network for being "disrespectful."

Rainey's now-deleted message even contained a threat, writing, "how would y'all feel if Ghost book II never came back on air?" Another update on his Instagram Story Rainey refers to himself as one of the network's "top earners" before expressing his disdain for s.tupïdity while the network appears to be fumbling the show's talent in the background.

Surprisingly, 50 Cent has yet to respond to Rainey's mini-rant. But, given how contentious 50 and Starz have been in the past, it's surprising that we haven't already heard from the Queens native.

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In Other News;

What in the world is Starz planning for the Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date? At this point, it's clear that it's one of TV's best mysteries. If you didn't hear our story yesterday, let's get one thing straight: Even the actors don't know when the show will be back. 

This could all be up to the people in charge at the network, and they will decide based on what makes the most sense in the big picture. It's fair to say that we on the outside don't always agree with what they think the bigger picture is. Even if we were to be too optimistic in this piece, we couldn't promise that there will be new episodes this year. 

That just doesn't seem like something that could happen. The show could come back as early as January, but at this point, even that seems unlikely. Remember that BMF has already been announced, and nobody has said much about Ghost so far. In the past, we've said that the most likely thing to happen here is for Ghost to start airing in March, after the BMF is over. But for this piece, why not try something a little different? Why not end BMF and start the third season of Ghost on the same night?

If there is one big reason why the network would want to do this, it's pretty simple: keeping an audience. There may be some BMF viewers who haven't seen Ghost or who aren't sure if they want to keep watching. Even if you only do it for a week, linking the two shows together will make it more likely that some people will stay. 

At this point, Starz needs to think about that! We know that you don't want to air them at the same time so that you can get the most money from your subscribers, but having them overlap for a week wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen.

 We all hope that Starz will say something soon and make our lives a little easier. What do you most want to see when the third season of Power Book II: Ghost starts on Starz?

Tell us right now in the comments below! Soon enough, there will be more information.

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