Kasoa: How a leader of young people saved a man who tried to kill himself

Wadudu is the youth leader in the Kasoa CP area, and he saved the life of a young man who was very angry. 

This young man climbed up the area's communications tower to try to electrocute himself or jump to his death. 

On the pole, you could see the distraught man who had decided to kill himself because he could no longer handle the pain of his problems. 

Meanwhile, Wadud had to step in quickly to talk him out of his plan to kill himself. He had to almost beg him to get off the pole so he wouldn't jump to his death. 

As a youth leader who cared about the safety of the guys in the area, Wadudu didn't want to hear about another planned killing in the Kasoa area, so he stopped it.

In Other News:

Serwaa Amihere, a Ghanaian journalist and news anchor who has won awards, has been criticized for predicting that the Blackstars will win the Qatar World Cup in 2022. 

Serwaa Amihere said in a tweet that she hopes Otto Addo and his team will win the World Cup and make Ghana proud. 

She said this on her official Twitter page, which has gotten a lot of attention since then. 

Serwaa Amihere tweeted something good: "I think Ghana will win the World Cup." 

Serwaa Amihere is in a lot of trouble right now because of a harmless tweet she sent out. People on social media are currently tearing her to pieces. 

Her harsh critics have told her to stop talking because the World Cup is not a beauty pageant. 

On the other hand, Ghana's first group-stage game will be against Portugal on November 24 at 4 p.m., followed by a game against Korea on November 28, and then a game against Uruguay on December 2.

Source: GhPage.com 

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