Little House On The Prairie: Melissa Gilbert shares details of colonoscopy prep: " I'm going to be busy today as i have a lots of things to do

Melissa Gilbert is giving advice to the people who follow her on Instagram. 

The 59-year-old former Little House on the Prairie star posted a picture of the container of lemon-lime flavored powder used for colonoscopy prep on Tuesday. When mixed with water, the solution is used to help flush out the body before the procedure. During the procedure, a small video camera is put through a tube and used to look for changes in the large intestine. It can be used to check for a number of diseases, like cancer or inflammation of the intestines. 

Gilbert wrote in her caption about what she was going to do, "If you know what this is, raise your hand. I hope everyone is aware. If you don't know, today, which is Midterm Election Day... I went to the polls early, and now I'm getting ready for my colonoscopy tomorrow morning. Now, here's my story: I've had colonoscopies before, and the preparations made me feel very bad. More than just the usual pain. In the past, I've had full-blown IBS for days and days afterward.

So, my smart doctor has me do this in a different way this time." 

The former president of the Screen Actors Guild said that for the past four days, she has been on a "modified liquid diet" that includes "lots of rice, pasta, smoothies, juices, and fish for protein." 

"When I do the actual prep today, my doctor suggested that I start late in the morning and drink a couple of glasses, then wait an hour or two, then drink a couple more, and so on until I'm done and everything is clear," she said. "He told me I would be able to handle the prep better. So, if you're worried about this, talk to your doctor before you start getting ready." 

Gilbert also told her fans that they should get checked out. 

"When it's your turn, I want you all to get colonoscopies. Don't put things off. Get her done, "she typed. "Now I have to jump because my dear friend and business partner... said in a Zoom yesterday that I'm going to be busy today because I have a lot of s to do, which I thought was hilarious." 

Gilbert ended her post with hashtags that raised awareness about colon cancer, which her followers were glad to hear about. 

One of her followers wrote in her comments, "Thanks, Melissa." "Colonoscopies are critical! The preparation is boring, but the procedure is simple. Colon cancer can be avoided if you keep up with your colonoscopies." 

One more person said, "Very crucial. Because of this, I lost a good friend. Talk to your doctor, and getting the procedure done shouldn't be a big deal."

Gilbert has talked before about making people aware of colon cancer. In September, she posted on Instagram a screenshot of a tweet that said, "On Thursday, my mom is going to get a colonoscopy. My dad told her to put a note in her buttocks that says, "I've been trying to get in touch with you about your car's extended warranty." I told her that she has to do it if this gets 10,000 likes. She said yes. Do your thing on the Internet."


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