Meet the 55-man provisional squad of the Black Stars


The Ghana Football Association made the Black Stars' 55-person provisional list for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar official. 

FIFA rules said that the FA did not have to share the provisional list with the public. 

Kwasi Wriedt, Ibrahim Imoro, Patrick Kpozo, Alidu Seidu, Salis Abdul Samed, and Mudasiru Salifu are all well-known people who were not core members of the team but were still on the list. 

On November 14, 2022, which is the last day for federations to send in their teams, Otto Addo and his technical team will likely name the final roster of 26 or 23 players. 

Ghana is in Group H with Portugal, Uruguay, and South Korea. The first game of the competition will be between the Black Stars and Portugal on November 20, 2022.

In Other News: 

On the same day, a man marries two sisters.

A Nigerian man is becoming very popular on the internet because he married his twin sisters on the same day in a big wedding. 

Some pictures from the wedding ceremony that have made their way onto the internet show the man sitting with his two wives on either side of him.

This is very rare because, in most African cultures, a single man can't marry two women from the same family, let alone twins. 

A lot of netizens who have seen the wedding pictures think that the man has done something very wrong and that he should either divorce both women or just one of them to avoid the bad things that are about to happen to him. 

People have also said bad things about the newlyweds' families. A lot of critics still can't get over the fact that they voted YES to something so horrible. 

Check out some of the most popular comments on the wedding pictures that are causing a stir; 

@Firstkingfrank – When you go to chyke identical twins who never want to be apart, this is what happens. 

They will tell you that you have to go out with two of them or give up. 

They do it in marriage, too... 

They will agree if you get married to both of them. 

omzynificent – He can't love both of them the same. I hope they'll realize that as they get older. I hope they have a happy life together.

l.tobiloba – . 

He didn't treat them well. Idowu and Alaba, the bad guys, need to be looked into by the bride's family. 

Wow, that's hot! Please send me a direct message if you are twin


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