Okese 1 jumps over the wall to find his dead father.

Okese 1, a rapper and one of the richest young men in the business, got a shock when he went to his room and found his father dead. 

It seems that the musician's father has been dead in his room for three days, but no one in his family knew. 

After a few days of not being able to reach him, they decided to go to his house, but they couldn't get in because there was a wild dog inside. 

The family decided to ask the musician to help them check on his dad, the sources said. 

When the rapper got to his dad's house and saw what was going on, he climbed the gate to get into the house. 

On video, the rapper could be seen covering his nose before jumping over the main gate to check on the body of his dead father. 

Check out the video:

Source: GhPage.com 

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