Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date: This is what Starz’s says about the premiere date


As we get ready for Power Book II: Ghost season 3 to come out on Starz, we definitely have questions—a lot of them, in fact. So where should we begin? It's hard to point to just one reason why they decided not to air the show this fall, but there is a big one.

 Think of it this way: Theoretically, there was plenty of time between the end of Raising Kanan and the beginning of the new year to bring it back, and production has been done for a while now. Still, they have decided not to do it and are keeping us waiting. 

Starz decided not to air Ghost season 3 this fall because of other shows like Dangerous Liaisons and Step Up, which are both airing right now along with The BMF Documentary. There is also a second season of BMF that seems to be airing before it, but there isn't much questioning or guessing about that. (After all, BMF hasn't been on TV for even longer than Ghost.)

Is it possible that season 3 will help make decisions a little bit clearer in the new year? It's possible, and we do wonder if it will have something to do with the next season of Power Book IV: Force.

 If you watched the last episode of the first season of the Joseph Sikora series, the last scene did make us wonder if some things going on in New York could be related to what's happening in Chicago. 

We're not sure if the casts of these two shows will meet or anything, but if you wanted a cool conspiracy theory to explain the delay, this is a good one. What do you want to see most when the third season of Power Book II: Ghost starts on Starz?

At this point, what do you think the network is really waiting for? Make sure to share in the comments right now! After you do that, come back for more news that you definitely don't want to miss.

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