Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date: This is What we know do far

We know that it will be a long time before Power Book II: Ghost season 3 comes out. Think about where we are right now! 

First of all, let's get this out of the way: there is still no normal date for the show's premiere. Would we love to hear that one is coming up soon? Absolutely. Still, we're at a point where we're also trying to be a little bit careful. At this point, we've learned that Starz, as a network, doesn't have to do things the way we want them to.

 (Just to remind you, the picture above is the key art for season 2—that's when season 2 began.) Today is November 13, and we still don't have a clear date.) 

So, what DO we know as a new season starts? There are a few things that people who don't know should know. 

In the first place, let's start with this: The last scene of the season was shot months ago. We just have to wait and see what the network decides when it comes to a date, which could be affected by what else is on at the same time. Starz might not want to air it at the same time as BMF, which starts in January, and that does have something to do with what's going on. 

Most likely, the show will come back sometime in late winter or early spring. 

As for the story... 

It seems almost too obvious to say, but the big deaths we saw at the end of season 2 could be the main focus of the new season. Remember that in the last few minutes, Mecca was taken out of the picture and Zeke was killed by Lorenzo Tejada, who may have to deal with the consequences at some point. Tariq will be under the same amount of stress as always, and we will have to wait. 

What do you want to see most in the third season of Power Book II: Ghost? 

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