Ralph Macchio has hinted that Cobra Kai will be back for a sixth season.

Ralph Macchio gives hints about when the show might be renewed for a sixth season. Even though Cobra Kai is one of Netflix's most popular shows, the status of season 6 has been less clear than in past seasons. After proving to be popular, the Karate Kid spinoff has usually been renewed quickly. The busy schedules of the show's co-creators, who are working on a Ferris Bueller spinoff, and the fact that the dojo drama turned all of its major rivalries into friendships also make the future of the show less clear.  

But in a recent interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Macchio said that Cobra Kai season 6 could be renewed "very soon." The actor who plays Daniel LaRusso on the show made it clear that the spinoff wasn't officially renewed yet and urged fans to keep watching for the sake of viewership numbers. But in the quote that follows, Macchio seems sure that Cobra Kai will keep going: 

What Season 6 of Cobra Kai Will Look Like 

The most interesting thing about Cobra Kai's fifth season is what the show does with its couples. All of the relationships end on a happy note. When characters are at odds with each other, like Miguel and Robby or Samantha and Tory, they either make up or even become friends. That might make it sound like the show has nothing else to talk about, but the Cobra Kai season 5 finale ended with a cliffhanger about Kreese getting out of jail. If new episodes do happen, which seems more and more likely, he will try to make the title dojo more like himself. 

The spinoff was also mentioned in a way that hinted at its future. People talked about the Sekai Taikai, which is an international karate tournament known for bringing together the best martial artists from all over the world. The writers have said that they are open to exploring this idea further, and it would make sense since Macchio and other stars like Jacob Bertland have shown clear interest in a global Cobra Kai tournament. 

Overall, it does look like the show might be coming to an end. Both the main actors and the people who come up with the ideas are working on other projects. But for now, there is enough story potential in the franchise to keep things going for a few more movies and give fans a really satisfying ending.

 The ending of Cobra Kai season 5 is mostly happy, but there are still a few unanswered questions. Several of the characters don't go through any big changes. New episodes could follow up on Robby and Miguel's new friendship and see if it would be interesting in real life. This would also give characters like Hawk a sense of closure. From Macchio's latest report, it sounds like good news may be on the way.

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