Sam and Miguel Almost Didn't Reunite in Season 5 of "Cobra Kai"


Mary Mouser also discusses the necessity of the couple's "I love you" declaration.

In Cobra Kai Season 5, Sam (Mary Mouser) and Miguel (Xolo Mariduea) went through a lot of romantic ups and downs, but they came out of it stronger.

Miguel makes every effort to mend fences with Sam in Episode 3, "Playing with Fire." In fact, Johnny (William Zabka) gives him some wise counsel: "If you own up to your faults, you always have a shot at making things right." You don't have to know everything. Be straightforward with her. So that's the strategy. Additionally, Miguel bought Sam a pricey piece of jewelry in the form of an octopus necklace as a nod to the plush animal he had given her on their first date.

 The issue is that Sam has a different strategy. Sam breaks up with Miguel after both she and Miguel offer their regrets. Sam has also come to the realization that she needs some time to discover who she is.

Although it is the most sad beat of Season 5, it turned out to be the perfect one. Sam and Miguel decide to get back together after spending the rest of the season developing as individuals, and they also close Season 5 by declaring their love for one another, which is a pivotal moment in both of their storylines.

When it came to the "I love you" scene in Episode 10, "Head of the Snake," Mouser also stated how the Season 5 production schedule improved the element of surprise:

"The "I love you" moment was the final dialogue-heavy scene I shot for Season 5. Because we shoot so erratically to make everything happen, we hardly ever get to have that. Additionally, we generally shoot two episodes at once, so we are now filming Episodes 1 and 2 concurrently, followed by Episodes 3 and 4. We approached things a little differently this season. The only linear footage we used was for 1 and 2, which we only shot together. However, we don't often get to experience a dramatic ending like that. I had no idea we would actually arrive.

The breakup moment was quite challenging for me. I actually had one of our PAs waiting with Gatorade because I was crying so much that I was becoming dehydrated. In particular for Sam and Miguel, it was having this "Oh my goodness, I don't know where it goes from here" moment. It was so soothing, so cool, and it was awesome to work with Xolo and get to have a scene like that. And that resonated with where we were in that "I don't know what's next for us" moment. I didn't really see it coming, but it was so satisfying to have that final "come together" moment. It was so relaxing to just lean against that automobile and talk to him. 

And once more, it was one of those occasions when I turned to face him and thought, "Oh my god, buddy, you've grown up," you know? I felt the same way about Sam as I do with you right now. She has grown up, holy crap, I thought. She might be saying "I love you" for the first time right now, and it feels so genuine and not at all like puppy love.

Mouser went on to recall her experience filming the break-up scene from Episode 3 and how it prepared the audience for the catharsis of that final scene in Episode 10:

Mouser also underlined the value of Miguel and Sam telling each other "I love you" rather than reiterating their commitment to one another by an outward demonstration of affection:

"That's also such a crucial message for me that I think I would have really loved to see on screen, and it's there, but getting to see it with this character who, in a way, settles many of her conflicts with her fists, which we don't get to see a lot of women in media do, may be for the best, but she figures it out. Holding hands [when] they got back together and having it be words rather than just a physical hug or kiss was very amazing and special, but actually sharing those types of huge words felt incredibly grounding.

Seeking additional information on Cobra Kai Season 5 from Mouser? Check out the clip from her Collider Ladies Night episode below:


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