Slay Queen storms boyfriend’s house to take back boxers she bought for him after break up

A woman with a broken heart has gotten her sisters together to storm the house of her ex-boyfriend and take back the boxers she bought from him when they were dating. 

In a short video that went viral on social media, the woman and her sisters can be seen marching to the house of her ex-boyfriend to take back the underwear she bought for him while they were together. 

One of the women who made the video said that the guy won't be able to keep the things their sister bought for him if he says again that he doesn't like their sister. 

In addition to getting back the boxers she bought for him, they hinted that they would take away his phone as a punishment for breaking their sister's heart. 

As the vengeful women have said, they will go to "war" if the guy won't give them back the things they want. 

From the video, it's clear that the women are very young and not very wise. 

 Watch the video below...


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