On Wednesday at around 2:00 in the morning, a scene unfolded at the Anfoega Police Headquarters in the North Dayi District of the Volta region when Christian Mane, who was operating an Opel Caravan with the license plate GR 6243 T, had bad luck.

 Some motor riders pursued and followed the driver Mr. Mane all the way to Anfoega Gblenkor after becoming disturbed by noise from two males who are Sovie students (who crept onto the roof of the car).

Some of the students who spoke with Mr. Kudjoh Attah, the Hon. District Chief Executive, claimed that they saw the Storekeeper loading the vehicle with various food items, such as bags of maize, rice, gari, and beans.

 Four large tins of tomatoes and two boxes of sardines round out the list of other things. The school's principal reportedly called the dining hall prefect to organize some pupils to dump food goods that Buffer Stock had provided to the school as part of the Free SHS program. 

However, Mr. Elias Tsitsiwu, the storekeeper, was giving them instructions to hasten out of the building. He claims it sparked their suspicion because they had previously noticed the storekeeper allegedly taking their food on multiple occasions, particularly whenever they received new consignments.

He said that shortly they will see a recognizable taxi cap that was allegedly the Storekeeper's parked next to the shops. They noticed with interest that the taxi was completely filled with food.

 The pupils hurriedly reported to the principal, who gave them instructions to blow a whistle to signal the Cardet Corp to drive the automobile closer to his house. But the driver had locked the car and it was hard for them to get in. The taxi's driver accelerated away as the courageous students jumped and scaled the taxi's roof, leaving some of them with varied degrees of injuries. 

Some of the students asserted that they were determined to catch the person stealing their food because, although they saw a lot of food being brought in, they would soon be informed that it was finished, and the same storekeeper would pretended to feel sorry for them. "I believe it is an attempt to undermine Nana Addo's administration's FSHS strategy. They do this because they know we won't know better and will be disparaging the President "yelled one of the students.

The taxi driver acknowledged that he had frequently previously transported such food goods for the Storekeeper in response to a query from the DCE.

While the injured students were being treated at the Roman Catholic Hospital, the District Chief Executive decided to cover their medical expenses. In the meantime, Mr. Elias Tsitsiwu and Christian Mane had been detained and were assisting the police with their investigation.

Who is killing the country is the perplexing question.


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0242278291 Elvis Donkor

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