Virgin River: Latest news about season 5 update(November 2022)

A few months have passed since season 4 of Virgin River came out on Netflix and left viewers with another shocking cliffhanger. Since the season came out in July 2022, fans have been waiting with bated breath for season 5 of Virgin River. 

Luckily for fans, Virgin River season 5 began filming in July 2022, just a couple days before the release of season 4. The cast and crew have been working hard on the next 12 episodes, which will answer all of our burning questions about Charmaine's big reveal. 

Last month, photos from the set of season 5 hinted that Mel and Jack would be honored with a party. An engagement party perhaps? Mel isn't that far along in her pregnancy, so it's not a baby shower (and we know how time operates on Virgin River). 

Because the next season is still being made, the new season won't be on Netflix in November 2022. But we now know when filming will end and have some new quotes from the person in charge of season 5 of Virgin River. 

Virgin River season 5 latest updates November 2022

What's on Netflix says that filming for season 5 of Virgin River will end on November 17, just before the Thanksgiving holiday. The end of season 5 comes a few weeks earlier than the end of season 4, which was in December 2021. But it's important to remember that season 4 came out in July. Season 5 could come out earlier in late May or June, but July 2023 is still the most likely release date. 

The fifth season will welcome Kandyse McClure to the cast in a role that hasn’t yet been revealed. McClure has been on Netflix before, because she was in the short-lived vampire show V-Wars. The actress is also known for her work on Battlestar Galactica. 

When TV Line talked to showrunner Patrick Sean Smith, he said that the next season of Virgin River will focus on Mel and Jack's engagement and wedding plans. Even though the fan-favorite couple could still get married by the end of season 5, it looks like the show will keep moving at the same slow pace. 

Smith gave more hints about Preacher's next story arc, in which he will meet characters he hasn't met before and learn more about his life outside of his romantic relationships. Also, after Doc's grandson told him about his health problems, Smith put an end to any worries that Denny and Lizzie would fight. 

Are you excited about season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned to Netflix Life for more Virgin River news and updates.


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