Why Melissa Gilbert "burst into tears" after being "caught" by Michael Landon while filming episode one of "Little House on the Prairie"

The 1974 television series Little House on the Prairie starred Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls. The program, which was one of the most popular and watched in the 1970s and early 1980s, was based on the same-named book series.

Little House on the Prairie gave Laura Ingalls a lot of precious childhood memories.

In July, Gilbert told CBS that "it was like a really amazing summer camp." But I also got to dress up to the nth degree and wear those amazing outfits and button-up boots. I don't recall it ever not being enjoyable.

Gilbert did, however, reveal a flashback in which she remembered "bursting into tears" after being "busted" by Michael Landon.

Why Melissa Gilbert "broke down" during filming a "Little House on the Prairie" episode

Gilbert, who was cast as Laura at the age of 9, had a lot of lines.

Gilbert stated, "I had a lot to say. But there was more than simply a lot of talking. I ran a great deal. Even as a young adult, I don't believe I ever walked anywhere on that show! Never did I walk. I was always running.

Gilbert was asked by CBS if she always recalled every word of her lines. She did not at one point

I only forgot my lines once, she claimed. It just occurred once, too. And I kept forgetting over and over again. You don't know your lines, do you? Michael finally shut off the performance. And I simply broke down in tears. He thereby completed the set. He ordered everyone to go.

Gilbert said, "Just started crying because I was caught. Just relax, he commanded. We'll carry this out. You'll memorize your lines. And we carried out the task repeatedly. I finally understood it. And I was equipped. Thank you very much, I said. I then hugged him. Then he added, "You're really welcome." Then he knelt down in front of me and asked, "And that's not going to happen again, is it? "

It was never repeated.

Why Melissa Gilbert believes that viewers of "Little House on the Prairie" are still watching it today

Viewers continue to watch Little House on the Prairie. It had another popularity surge this year.

Gilbert speculates that the simplicity of life shown in the '70s smash has something to do with why viewers keep coming back.

I think, from what I'm hearing from folks, that Little House on the Prairie is a reminder of when things were easier for us in our life, those 45 years ago, she remarked, "Oh, my my, with everything that's going on in the world right now."

In 1974, when the show debuted, the nation was going through yet another extremely terrible period. The Watergate scandal made the top page of newspapers. In addition, there was an oil crisis and a recession at the time.

According to Gilbert, "'Little House on the Prairie' then gave folks a reminder of what we went through and how difficult that was when we started this country. "And I believe we are back there now. If we were able to accomplish what we achieved in the 1800s and the 1970s, we can now. Compassion, community, faith (whatever that faith looks like), and love are the only things that will matter. All that matters is that.

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