You might have missed these 9 things in the last episode of "Yellowstone."


Spoilers for the third episode of "Yellowstone" season five are present.

During the course of the episode, Beth closed a significant deal before getting arrested, and a devastated Monica shaved her hair.

We're here to explain every callback and tiny detail you could have missed.

Beth's discussion with her father regarding her mother serves as a reminder that she may be more vulnerable than she realizes.

At first light, John (Kevin Costner) is sitting on the porch outside the house when Beth (Kelly Reilly) walks in. He tells her he's thinking about her mother Evelyn (Gretchen Mol), who passed away when Beth was just a young child.

He describes her as being "a magnificent woman." "I wish she had been able to see that through for you. knowing it to be aware of her love for you."

Since adopting Carter (Finn Little) in season four, Beth has only recently started her motherhood journey, but despite the fact that she now has someone else to care for in her life besides Rip, she hasn't changed much about her lifestyle (Cole Hauser).

It's fascinating that Beth does something at the conclusion of the episode that might prevent her from witnessing Carter's development, just as her mother's untimely death prevented her from doing so. 

Will Beth's life in prison allow Carter to "recognize" what a remarkable person she is? Carter is reminded of his role in the Dutton family during a touching scene with Rip and an abandoned calf. Regarding Carter, later in the episode, Rip comes into him in one of the barns, giving a baby calf a bottle of milk.

Rip understands right immediately that Carter isn't just talking about the abandoned animal but is also considering his own future when he inquires about if the yearling would be shipped away once it is older and mature enough to care for itself.

Given that the calf, like Carter, was abandoned before being taken in by Beth and Rip at the ranch, it is easy to understand why the two feel a connection. It makes sense that he feels like he is just being prepared for the outside world given the rigorous education he is receiving at Yellowstone.

Rip tells him, nevertheless, that neither he nor Beth intend for Carter to leave anytime soon. In case you haven't noticed, Carter, orphans don't get sent away around here. The burial of Kayce and Monica's son on Yellowstone property is requested. He won't be the first member of the family to be laid to rest at the ranch. In fact, as viewers of the spinoff prequel series "1883" will know, it's a custom that goes back to the very first generation of Duttons.

On the property that later became the ranch, Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) was buried by her parents James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill).

John Dutton Jr. (Dabney Coleman) and his father, John Dutton Sr., are both buried on the ranch, so the burial of Kayce and Monica's kid, who was only alive for a few hours, continues a long-standing Dutton tradition.

By cutting her long hair with a kitchen knife, Monica exemplifies a grieving ritual practiced by several Native American tribes.

Chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham), who is attempting to enter the home to stop Kayce (Luke Grimes), tells her, "You gotta let her do it." "It's how we do it."

Although Monica (Kelsey Asbille) and the other Native American characters on the program are from the fictional "Broken Rock" tribe, the tradition of cutting your hair after a close relative passes away is one that is shared by many authentic Native American tribes.

Vox states that "it's often tradition in some tribes to cut your hair and bury it with the corpse when someone close to you dies," while I-D claims that among members of the Navajo Nation, hair is usually only cut in circumstances of grieving.

When Beth is accused of concealing a rattlesnake in her too-good-to-be-true bargain during their meeting, it is reminiscent of one of the most violent scenes from season four.

In a meeting with Schwartz & Meyer, Beth travels to Salt Lake where she makes a proposal to Rob Baldus (Aaron Lazar) about selling her $300 million controlling stake in the investment company. It seems too good to be true, which causes the reaction: "Beth, there's a rattlesnake in this deal. You want to call it out?"

Fans won't miss the allusion to a hidden rattlesnake since they will remember that Roarke Morris, Beth's old foe, was killed by a lethal reptile bite (Josh Holloway).

While the dramatic season four opening saw Rip rather than Beth throwing a diamondback rattlesnake from his cooler, we all know that Beth is just as capable of pulling off such a terrible, poisonous surprise.

Even though Beth leads the crew to the same tavern that was featured in the flashback scene in episode one of season five, a lot has changed in the twenty or so years that have passed since the two trips.

Every time Beth visits the Crystal Bar in Bozeman, it seems like a bad thing will happen. Viewers recently witnessed the location of her and Rip's unsuccessful first date, and now it is the site of her serious assault arrest.

However, Rip is also reminded by his visit to the Crystal Bar after 20 years how much has changed in Montana since he was initially taken in by the Dutton family as a youth.

Rip criticizes the establishment's decline even before entering, saying that it used to be a hangout for "genuine cowboys" but is now populated by imitators and flirtatious visitors from Sacramento. He runs across M Bar, an old buddy from the adjacent ranch, and the two talk about what the bar used to be about.

The other seasoned rancher says Rip, "I remember when every ass on a barstool belonged to a cowboy."

This episode featured yet another musical cameo.

Following Shane Smith and the Saints' presence in the previous episode, singer Isaac Hoskins, who plays himself, made a guest appearance this week.

Just before chaos breaks out at the bar, he approaches the stage to perform his suitably named song, "Off the Wagon," and he admirably completes the song as the bar devolves into anarchy.

The music that Abby is playing at the bar is actually a brand-new song by Lainey Wilson, a CMA Award winner.

A brand-new song from Lainey Wilson's fourth studio album, "Bell Bottom Country," is the one that Abby (as played by Wilson) is heard playing in the bar.

The song, "Smell Like Smoke," seems to be about going through hell and coming out the other side with some battle wounds. Abby is a character we know very little about, and if this is any indication of her past, we can't wait to learn more about her. It's possible that Sara Atwood and the woman Beth fights in the pub are meant to resemble each other. The lady Beth ends up beating over the head with a bottle for flirting with Rip, Hailey Brewer (Ashley Platz), has a striking physical similarity to her new adversary, Sara Atwood (Dawn Olivieri), and it appears that this isn't a coincidence.

Although the two ladies haven't yet met, given that the new Market Equities counselor has scheduled a date with Jamie (Wes Bentley), whom she has identified as the Dutton family's weak link, we believe it's only a matter of time until they do.

Does Beth's behavior of the flirtatious tourist foreshadow the escalation of the situation if Sara gets on her bad side?


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