Hawker's life changed after he gave his money to prisoners. This is an amazing change.

This year, a young man from Nigeria got a lot of attention for helping prisoners in a van while selling things on the street. He has thanked the people who helped him change his life.

When a video of Jeremiah Iziogo, a once-famous street vendor, giving money to prisoners being driven by the Correctional Service went online, it moved Nigerians and netizens.

Obi Cubana, a Nigerian businessman worth billions of dollars, was interested in Jeremiah and offered him a job and a scholarship to help him finish school.

The young man used social media to remember that it had been a year since he quit school to sell things on the street to make money. He had only started school a few months before.

When he went to Lagos on December 12 of last year, he said that he had lost all hope, but the video of his good deed changed his life.

Jeremiah talked about his life in Lagos and how he thought he would have a store or a low-paying job by now. However, God had other plans for him, and he ended up going back to school.

He told Daddy Freeze, Obi Cubana, and the other Nigerians who helped him get off the streets that he was grateful.

He thanked Obi Cubana, Daddy Freeze, and everyone else from Nigeria who helped him get out of the streets.

Jeremiah wrote, "I left school for Lagos on this day last year when all hope was lost, but God stepped in and grace found me." Praise God. When I dropped out of school, I thought that by now I would have my own shop or a low-paying job, but God had other plans. Well-meaning Nigerians sent me back to school, and that was Grace.

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