"I wish I hadn't campaigned for and voted for Nana Addo," says Captain Smart.

Captain Smart, a well-known journalist and political critic in Ghana who used to be a strong NPP supporter, has said on live TV that he regrets campaigning for and voting for Nana Addo. 

The controversial media man says that Nana Addo was able to trick him and get him on his side by pretending to be a man of integrity in the past.

Captain Smart, who has been a pain in the neck for Nana Addo since the beginning of his second term as president, said on ONUA TV this morning that the majority in parliament is messing with the minds of Ghanaians.

Remember that a month ago, the majority speaker in parliament said that Ken Ofori should no longer be the finance minister.

Still, most people left parliament during the vote of censure to get rid of Ken as minister of finance.

In the meantime, Ken Afori Atta will go down in history as the first Minister who faced a vote to remove him from office.

Saddened and hurt Captain Smart said that the NPP government led by Akufo was the worst the country had ever had.

He also said that he was sorry that he had bought bags of cement to help build the national cathedral.

Captain Smart has said bad things about Nana Addo, Ken Ofori Atta, and the NPP party as a whole before, and he probably won't stop now.

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