Learn about Abanga Yakubu Alhassan, who is running for vice chairman of the NDC.

Learn about Abanga Yakubu Alhassan, who is running for vice chairman of the NDC.

Abanga Yakubu Alhassan works in business, gives money to good causes, and runs for office. He has a generous spirit that makes him smile at everyone around him, no matter what party they belong to. His help for students, the poor and needy in society, and orphans and widows is so great and amazing that it blows your mind. 

Many people call him "Akwaada Nyame," which means "youth king," because he has worked hard to improve society and help people. This is because he is still young and because he has been so helpful to both people and society. His good deeds can be seen in all parts of Ghana.

 His political career began when he was a deputy propaganda secretary for TEIN on the UDS Nyankpala campus. He moved up to become the substantive propaganda secretary, and then he became the president of TEIN. He helped the party in a lot of ways by getting things set up.

In 2020, he was part of the NDC campaign team for the Western North Region. He has given money and goods to the party, and he is a platinum donor to the party at the moment. He has also adopted several constituencies, for which he has certificates signed by the chairman of the party, Ofusu Ampofo, and HE John Dramani Mahama.

Abanga was ready to take power, which is why he called the 2024 election "NO RELENTING, NO RETREATING, AND NO SURRENDERING" and a must-win election. The NPP already has nightmares about how ready he is for battle in 2024. 

Considering how young he is and how ready he is, along with how angry Ghanaians are for change, the propaganda machine has already been shut down, and there is tension all over the elephant party domain. For a job like running for office in 2024 or even after that, you need to be enthusiastic, committed, and have high regard for the party's goals and hopes.

Let vote for,

Abanga for the win!

Abanga, the voice of the youth!!!

Throw out the record!

vivo Abanga Alhassan yakubu

"Aluta continua"

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