Nigerians tell angry Ghanaian fans, "Wizkid is bigger than your president."

Wizkid didn't show up to his show in Accra, and this has caused a big fight on social media.

While angry Ghanaian fans show their anger and accuse him of being rude, Nigerians stand up for one of their own.

The Naija fans say that Wizkid didn't have to go to the Accra Sports Stadium show because "he's bigger than Ghana's president."

They said that Wizkid's influence as a musician is greater than that of Ghana's president, so Ghanaians shouldn't cry more than the people who have died.

@Highestboy1 said that will never happen because Wizkid is bigger than your president and country.

Wizkid to Ghanaians RN, said @ForeignEmmy. If you keep sending me Popsy concert videos, I'll watch them and maybe try to perform for your mom. Can't believe you broke up with Big Wiz. Fans were really hoping he would perform for you. Weak show organizers

Imagine putting someone in jail who is bigger than your president.

Even your president, with his big belle, can't get that heart to arrest industry Popsy.

People in Ghana who paid Ghc30000 to see Wizkid Live In Accra are now asking for their money back.

"We want our money back," GH concertgoers said when Wizkid didn't show up for his Accra show.

People who paid to go to the Accra Sports Stadium to see Nigerian superstar Wizkid perform had wasted their time and money.

This was because the main act didn't show up and didn't say anything about why he didn't.

These excited fans were at the event center as early as 5 p.m., but they had to be patient until they could not wait any longer.

After waiting so long to see Wizkid, they finally figured out at 2 am that he had let them down and would not be at the show.

Asake, who was also scheduled to play, also didn't show up because he was in Manchester, UK, performing at the same time.

Videos show a nearly failed show where people were throwing fits because they wasted their money and then were told Wizkid would not be performing.

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