Yaw Dabo: "I'm doing better than most of the people who make fun of me for being short."

Yaw Dabo, a short Ghanaian actor who has won awards, has slammed people who make fun of him for being so small. Yaw Dabo said in an interview on Accra FM that he wouldn't be where he is now if he hadn't been so short.

He also said that the people who make fun of him online almost all the time would be proud to be with him if he were from their families.

Those who make fun of me, maybe I'm better than you. If I was related to you and asked you to do something for me, you would probably run to do it. If a funeral came to the house, I would probably send you to get chairs.

"To the person who insulted me, the richest person in your house will make you carry the coffin if there's a funeral there. Look, he said, "I always say that before you insult someone, you should take a good look at yourself."

Yaw Dabo also said that he might not be where he is now if he had been the average height of a person.

"You can't talk about everything you see with your eyes. This is advice for people on the Internet who talk bad about other people while sitting behind their phones and computers.

"Don't believe everything you see. God made me this way for a reason. If I were like you, I might not be where I am now. But since God made me this way, I am better than you."

"I'm careful about what I say about other people. The Bible says that men should put padlocks on their mouths because what they say could get them into trouble.

"The mouth can get you into trouble, and this can lead you to say something bad about someone and then look for them to apologize, but you won't find them,"

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